what’s good @ Pike & Rose

There’s already a ton of development at Pike & Rose and I want to tell you about my favorite places so far! Pike and Rose is located at the old site of Mid-Pike Plaza. Remember that place? So long Geoffrey!

Typically, we (Mike, my fiancé, and I) walk over from the White Flint Metro across Rockville Pike and Old Georgetown Road to grab a bite and a drink or catch a movie every so often. iPic is quite unique for a theatre and offers some luxurious amenities for watching the latest films. I tend to doze a bit because the seating is so comfy but definitely worth an afternoon/evening out (or a nice nap Zzzzz).

Friday and Saturday are the best nights for having a nice dinner and drinks at City Perch Kitchen + Bar. Stay for the DJ and “throw back” 90’s and beyond music. The bar is packed and has great energy!

When you’re feeling like a day outing or a brunchy weekend, check out Summer House for its handmade cocktails and fresh decór. Or head to the newest spot, Owen’s Ordinary to try some of their continuously changing list of craft brews. I didn’t like beer. And then I did! You MUST get the soft pretzel with mustard. Oh em gee it’s good!

A little birdie told me Anthropologie clothing is going in sometime soon and the huge building that faces the main strip of the pike is REI-outdoor clothing, gear, footwear. Judging by its size, I’m guessing they will have a climbing wall. Don’t quote me on that, it’s just a guess [and a wish]!

There are currently 2 apartment buildings up and running; The Residences-PerSei and Pallas, with another one on the way called The Henri. According to their website, rental rates start at $1596/mo for PerSei and $1795/mo for Pallas.  The Henri plans to open Spring 2017. There are also a number of condos for sale in the area if you’re feeling more permanent.

Below are some pics of the many businesses that already exist.  Find out more information about upcoming retail and restaurants @ the Pike & Rose page.

*FREE two-hour plenty of parking-BOOM!

What do you like best at Pike & Rose? I want to hear from you!

Until next time…xoxo


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