Chill out: ūüƨCRYOTHERAPY

Imagine minus 220 degrees. ¬†Go outside and think…10x colder than this!

My recent visit to Thrive CryoStudio gave me the opportunity to experience these frigid temps all for the sake of trying something new. ¬†I first heard about whole-body cryotherapy on the show Shark Tank. ¬†Shortly¬†after, I came across Thrive’s¬†Instagram page filled with photos and videos of people freezing themselves in a stand up tube. Enticing, right?

Well, wait a minute, because before I went I read up about the benefits of subjecting myself to this process.  These benefits included decreased inflammation for fitness, faster recovery time from surgery, and alleviated symptoms of anxiety and depression [see the full list on their website].  One session might not produce these exact results but I will tell you about the 3 minutes I endured and the after effects throughout the day.

Brandon, the owner, and Lauren who also works there, explained the steps and prepared me for the next few minutes of my day. ¬†Lauren took my blood pressure first and that’s when I became a little nervous. ¬†She left the room and I stripped down to well…nothing. ¬†No no, you must wear gloves and socks but women can go commando and¬†men must wear a little something “down there”! ¬†I put a robe on and Lauren came back into the room and guided me into the tube where I removed it. ¬†The machine was not even on and I was chilled (aka naked and afraid).

She fired up the cryosauna and instructed me to turn a quarter of the way around every 45 seconds as liquid nitrogen filled the chamber. ¬†I felt ummm COLD! ¬†At one point my legs were shaking and at another I was feeling warmer despite the temperature decreasing. ¬†It was a dry cold and then it was over [full video on Instagram]. I got my robe and immediately felt relieved. ¬†I was warming up and back in my clothes. ¬†When I exited the room, Brandon was there and asked me how I felt. ¬†Brain freeze came to mind because I didn’t feel much different other than being not cold.

As I was leaving, another client was coming for a session dressed in full on business attire. You can go in, do your thing, and carry on with your day.  This is not a messy process and if the benefits are there, this is very easy to fit into your day/week/month.

As I was driving home, I had a calming feeling over my entire body and cruised along¬†in a relaxed state. ¬†Periodically throughout the day I felt this same sensation and attributed it directly to cryotherapy. ¬†I even slept better that night. ¬†I’m sure the experience for each person will be different. ¬†And more than one session could, of course, produce¬†different results. ¬†But I’ll be going back soon!

Have you been to cryotherapy before or thinking of going? Tell me your thoughts! I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time…xoxo


Thrive CryStudio is located at 5801 Fishers Lane Unit 116  (Inside Symmetry Salon Studios)
Rockville, MD, 20852

If you want to try it, schedule your appointment here. They have new client specials too!



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