Went to the Barre @ 6am 

BEEP BEEP BEEP!!  Up and at em for my first Pure Barre class at 5:45AM.  I was excited to see what it was all about and if I would feel like a Ballerina! I’ve been into yoga for years and have been going to the gym more often so I wasn’t super nervous about trying something new in the fitness department. My expectation was to get a decent workout and learn something new.

1801 Chapman Ave, Rockville 20852

Arriving at the studio, the instructor Jasmine greeted me and had me fill out the standard paperwork and sign a waiver.  Easy peasy! Socks are required-I purchased their brand of sticky socks because I forgot to bring my own. There were about 10 other ladies of all shapes, sizes, and ages taking class.  We started with a pretty intense warm up of arm raises, high knees and push ups. Jasmine set us up with our props (light hand weights, a small rubber ball, and a couple linked stretchy bands). My blood was pumping and I was ready to plie!


The room in the studio is completely carpeted and lined from floor to ceiling with mirrors. Socks on carpet was a nice change from my (and everyone else’s) usual bare feet in yoga.  As you would imagine, there is a wood bar attached to the mirror around 3 walls of the room just like ballet. On the bar is where I could really tell that this form of exercise requires technique and precision. Jasmine gave cues for small movements with our legs as we held onto the bar on our tippy toes. Left side then right side with floor exercises in between sets.

Okay, stop.  Can you do me a favor right now?  Go stand next to a table, a desk or a counter top.  Place your hand on it, bring your heels together, fan your feet out and lift as high as you can on your toes. Now, straighten your posture, tuck in your pelvis and bend your knees as much as you possibly can. Hold just that and move up and down just a bit bending at your knees.  I claim no responsibility for any tumbles that may occur! That was just moments of the hour long work out we had that day.


I completely misjudged what I was in for and I’m sorry. This post was originally going up yesterday but it’s okay it’s here today because I can surely feel the affects of class on my ENTIRE body.  I have soreness in muscles I didn’t even realize we used. Don’t get me wrong, this is good soreness. Not the kind where your legs collapse and you almost fall down the stairs! I feel good. No, I feel great!

Put simply-go take a class.  First one is $15 and they also have package specials.  See if you can catch a class with Jasmine Altamirano. She has a sweet disposition and was helpful in guiding me and the other students through the exercises.  Instructors are so important to your experience!

I’d love to hear from you! Please tell me about your experience at Pure Barre.           Rockville studios-Twinbrook and  King Farm

Until next time…xoxo



Pure Barre Instructor Jasmine Altamirano

Sticky Socks